Aerospace Solutions

Navigation, Stabilization, and Pointing

From communication for beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) applications to scanning and surveying for the remote sensing industry, Inertial Labs produces high-performing and cost-efficient products (systems and sensors) for aerial applications. With integrated solutions combining tactical and navigation grade inertial measurement units, Honeywell TruStability® Board Mount Pressure Sensors, RTK-ready receivers, and precision-aligned magnetometers, partners can be confident that regardless of the use-case, our solutions will surpass expectations.

Most popular solutions:

Ground Vehicle Sensors and Systems

Commercial and Military

With uncompromising features like accepting CAN bus-aiding data and enhanced algorithms for tackling GPS-denied environments (Tunnel Guide), Inertial Labs products have been designed strategically for tackling even the most densely urban environments where multi-path interference may occur.

Specialized for:

Industrial Solutions

Small to Large-Scale Operations

With regularly scheduled reviews to maintain ISO 9001:2015 compliance, Inertial Labs has implemented manufacturing processes that allow for solutions to be produced in the scale of tens of thousands. We manufacture custom inertial solutions to fit the specific requirements of assembly floor quality control, fully autonomous delivery services, and construction platforms where monitoring tilt is instrumental in ensuring the safety of workers.

Common Applications:

Maritime Deliverables

Dynamic Position, Heave, Surge & Sway

Inertial Labs’ solutions give users endless benefits over competitors. Our solutions output legacy data formats commonly used by other market solutions for the marine industry to make integrating old components much more effortless. With the corrosive nature of the maritime sector, Inertial Labs offers different form-factor solutions, giving users options of where they would like to mount their solutions (by offering OEM, IP67, and subsea enclosure options).

Integration-ready for:

  • Single and Multibeam Echosounders (SBES and MBES)
  • ABB ACS880 Winch Drives
  • External Gyrocompasses and Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL)

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